About OP-Poker

OP-Poker is home to the PokerStars Power Up community. We are PokerStars Ambassadors & members of Team Pro Online.

OP-Poker was initially created as resource for PokerStars Power Up, but the website has since then grown to cover new, interesting and innovative poker formats in a similar fashion.

OP-Poker is now a digital community of first adopters, gamers, streamers, poker players, innovators, developers and anyone else who loves the game of poker.

We are passionate about creating relationships with early adopters, building engaging communities, providing high value entertainment, encouraging innovation and embracing the newest technologies by focusing on exciting new formats of poker that push the boundaries of established formats.

We love poker and we  want to bridge the gap between providers and users; supporting game development for the future of poker.

Our company name "OP-Poker" is a nod to the roots of PokerStars Power Up poker itself.  "OP" derives from an acronym used among gamers which stands for "over powered".  It is common (a little too common at times) for gamers to make reference to a component of a game as "OP" which indicates that they believe this aspect to be unbalanced and therefore game breaking.  

The best place to learn POKERSTARS' Power Up poker

OP-Poker offers you a comprehensive education for the transition from “standard poker” to this new format. Covering all the latest news on card releases and PokerStars Power Up strategy, OP-Poker aims to be at the forefront in the world of PokerStars Power Up poker. 

Twitch: op_poker


Our Twitch channel is a place to connect with the community of poker and gaming enthusiasts that are interested in new and exciting poker formats. You can find more information about our streaming schedule directly on our channel twitch.tv/op_poker.

Our team

OP-Poker coach James

James "OP-Poker James” Mackenzie

James Mackenzie (previously known as “jlhmac” on PS) has been a professional in the field of Heads’up for over 8 years playing games at mid/highstakes, and recently transitioned to the world of Mid/High stakes Spin and Go’s. He regularly produces strategy content for both our website and YouTube channel along with streaming on Twitch.

OP-Poker coach NIcholas

Nicholas "OP-Poker Nick" Walsh

Nicholas Walsh (previously known as “Lost_Gambit” on PS) is our website developer, content producer and streamer with 8 years of experience playing both live and online poker. Playing mid stakes "Spin & Go"/heads up hyper SnGs, he has experienced great success, hitting the highest multiplier (12000x) Spin & Go on PokerStars.



Eva Reberc is the OP-Poker's community and content manager as well as main editor and power mod. She is an avid gamer and has recently started her online & live poker journey.