Power Up pre-flop charts have been updated!

Power Up pre-flop charts have been updated!

They are now version 1.1 - and we've made sure they will be a moneymaker!

The fixes are only focused on one area - SB defend vs BB 3 way.

This new chart features a mixed strategy of limping and raising with limps being coloured yellow and green for the raises. There is also a blue section which is for open jamming. For now, this highly exploitable play will make you a lot of money. Don't worry, we will revise this once the population tendencies make correct adjustments. But for now this is a money printer.

Color on chart Action
Yellow Limp
Green Raise
Blue Shove/Go all in

The sizing for an open should be:

  • 3X the big blind on the 1st bind level with 25bb effective stacks.
  • 2.5X the big blind on the 2nd blind level with 16.7bb stacks
  • 2X the big blind for 3rd blind level and higher.

How do I get these charts?

If you already have our Pre-flop ranges version 1.0 you can simply download the new SB vs BB 3-way chart HERE and replace the old Small blind vs Big blind file.

If this is your first time here, you can download the charts by clicking on the button below.


These charts have been since updated to version 2.0 - you can download the updated charts HERE.

IMPORTANT: please, keep in mind that your range also heavily depends on what power cards you hold and how many power points do you and your opponents posses.

If you'd like more information on how to use these charts you can check out our video on how to use pre-flop ranges version 1.0 HERE

Make sure to keep an eye on our Youtube channel for any upcoming videos on Power up strategy! 


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