Power Up ranges version 1.0

Power Up ranges version 1.0

Below is a link to the op-poker.com Power Up ranges version 1.0.

The standard open raise size should be 3x the big blind.

These ranges are under the assumption that:

  • All players are ≥25bb deep
  • All players have 10+ Power Up points
  • All players have 2 Power Up cards

If one or more of the above criteria are not met these ranges should be used as a baseline from which to adjust.

For more information on adapting strategy outside of these conditions be sure to sign up to our newsletter for new strategy content as and when it's released.

IMPORTANT: please, keep in mind that your range also heavily depends on what power cards you hold and how many power points do you and your opponents posses.


These charts have been since updated to version 2.0 - you can download the updated charts HERE.


You can find our instructional video on how to use these charts HERE.

How to use Power Up ranges version 1.0

How to use Power Up ranges version 1.0


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