PokerStars Power Up opening ranges 2.0!

PokerStars Power Up opening ranges 2.0!

We've updated our opening range charts... 

to help you in figuring out whether to play a hand pre-flop or not.

These charts are based on all players having 10+ points and 3 powers.

We've split these charts into whether you are cycling for a combination or not as you can play much wider once you've got that pick & grab combo. (If you're not sure what a pick&grab combo is, watch THIS video.)

IMPORTANT: These charts are only meant to be used as a guideline.

Other factors that need to be looked at before playing or folding include:

  • Total power points / Total powers

  • Effective stacks

  • 2 card combo or 3 card?

  • Are opponents cycling?

  • Finding something whilst cycling.

  • Regular or recreational player?

These will all be looked at in much more detail in future articles and videos, so keep an eye out for more updates!

How do I get these charts?

You can download them by clicking on the button below.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Youtube channel for any upcoming videos on Power Up strategy! 

Playing Power Up Without Using Any Powers Challenge!

Playing Power Up Without Using Any Powers Challenge!

The "Tenacious Doug" Predicament

The "Tenacious Doug" Predicament


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