Developer update (Live on stream!)

Developer update (Live on stream!)

OP-Poker Twitch streamer, Nicholas "Lost_Gambit" Walsh, was recently joined by members of the Power Up development team (live on stream @ and we have some interesting news to share!

Out with it man! What's the gossip?

Firstly, they assure us that they are working hard to track and amend existing bugs both desktop and mobile. If you have any insights or comments regarding the performance of the game you are encouraged to get in touch and let them know about it at Only when this is resolved will they be able to start actively promoting the game, add $15 stakes and be able to add promotions, which will be a game changer in terms of liquidity. 

They also inform us that the Android app has recently been updated.  They are now working to amend the IOS app.

Bottom line?

All in all it is clear that the team is working hard on resolving all the issues and we are very much looking forward to the future developments.  

What's most exciting for us here at OP-Poker, is to have contacts directly on the development team at Stars. It's clear they want to work with the users to create a better game/software so make your voice be heard and join us in the discussion to create a better Power Up poker.

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OP-Poker Twitch stream invaded by @captainkikiii and her followers!

OP-Poker Twitch stream invaded by @captainkikiii and her followers!

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We've been featured on!


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