OP Intel: The future of PokerStars Power Up?

OP Intel: The future of PokerStars Power Up?

The Future of Power Up Poker

It might seem odd to talk about the future of a game that has just barely been released, but shelf-life is a very important thing to question, particularly if you want to make a go at becoming professional in the field of Power Up poker.

With that in mind, we will now look at the factors determining whether Power Up will be a success.

The game itself

The most important aspect determining Power Ups success, will be whether the game is enjoyable enough for people to want to play it. Specifically more or equal to its similar game types (those being hold-em games in general). During the alpha phase a majority of players gave positive feedback about the game, even whilst in a play-money only phase, saying they enjoyed the new dynamic the power cards gave to the game.


The second most important determining factor, is whether the game of Power Up is promoted enough to get that all-important critical mass. Given that this is essentially a creation and copyrighted game created by pokerstars, I think that this biggest online poker site will put to bed any questions on whether it will get enough initial traffic.

They are notorious for spending huge amounts on the promotion of the site, from extravagant endorsement deals with famous people, to constant commercial T.V. advertising. In short, getting people to play the game should not be an issue.

House edge/ Beatability

Whilst not as important for a lot of gambling style games, Power Up poker is an exception, as it is created under the window of a pokersite and promoted for its strategy element. The game should not just be beatable over your opponents in terms of chips, but also after rake - this however is not enough. In the writers personal opinion the game should be beatable by the best players for an amount equal or higher than the amount pokerstars is taking in game rake. This is currently 8% given rake models for the lower limits, and time will tell whether this is possible or not. The poker community as a whole will not be happy if the pokersite is taking too much compared to winrates...

Evolution of play

PokerStars is in a unique position where they have actively stated that new cards will be introduced in the future that will alter the play state and strategy of the games. This new aspect is intended to keep the game fresh and exciting whilst at the same time eliminating the fear factor of bots (programmers will not have enough time to write code on playing the game before a new game altering card is introduced). This should create a longevity to the game, but feedback and testing would be required before introduction. The game could easily lose a large player base if a fan favourite card is removed or nerfed with the arrival of a new card. We can only wait to see how the development team handles it.

Bugs and scandals

With any game where money is involved, credibility of the site and the game are of paramount importance. Any major bugs or cheating scandals could set the game back many months, or if extreme enough, kill the game completely.

A recent example of this would be on Americas Cardroom A.K.A WPN network. In November of last year, a software upgrade was made for the jackpot poker games on the site. This new software had so many bugs and faults that the games effectively became dead overnight. Even now, the traffic levels of the games are nowhere near the levels they were before the so called upgrade.

Given how Pokerstars seems to be going through both alpha and just now, a beta phase, signals to me that they are patient enough to not roll out a flawed or unplayable game. But again, time will tell if this is the case not just now, but also when new cards are introduced....

You can read more about the game itself HERE.

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