Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

Power Poker for profit?  Power Poker for pleasure?  Return on investment? Circus poker for REAL money?

That's right people the bankroll challenge has begun!

Nicholas "Lost_Gambit" Walsh is undertaking a bankroll challenge to silence the naysayers and establish OP-Poker as the number one source for Power Up poker.

Why should you care?

I've been playing poker seriously for quite a while now (coming on 8 years) with the last few being professionally. I love poker but lets face it, online poker is having a tough time - GTO solvers, AI beating the best in the world and bot rings being uncovered doesn't paint our favorite past time in a good light.

Recreational players see online poker as a rigged system - HUDs, seating scripts and all the other mod cons a pro has make them feel at a disadvantage. Players gaining an advantage with 3rd party software (extra costs which can run up in the thousands of dollars) doesn't make it an attractive place to gamble which means our player pool gets smaller and potential gains are reduced.

But now with PokerStars introducing their new game, Power Up Poker, I can see at least some of these concerns being addressed.

As the time of this post there are no HUDs, equity solvers or 3rd party programs that run beyond telling you how much you've won or lost. The number of variables the power cards add make it much harder for AI to understand and with the promised rotation or introduction of new power cards, bots will almost definitely be a thing of the past.

The only question now is can you beat it? And if so by how much? 

Online poker has evolved Right Here, Right now.

What's the deal?

Starting with a bankroll of just $30 we will be aiming to build our way to $1000 and we will keep you updated every step of the way!

Bankroll management?

We are going to undertake a highly aggressive bankroll management strategy which goes like this:

As soon as the bankroll contains 20 buy-ins at the limit above we will take a 1 shot buy-in at the next highest stake (if available).  This means if we have $140 in the bankroll we will take a single buy-in shot at the $7 games. If we fall below $140 we will return to the $3 games until this condition is met again.

Hopefully the $15s will be released during this challenge or it could be a long way to climb!


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