UPDATE #1 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

UPDATE #1 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000


Here is a quick update on how the bankroll challenge is going as we round into session number ten!  Where has the time gone?  Let's find out!

So how much are you losing then, Nick?

SHOCK HORROR! We are obv in profit...

Our Bankroll currently stands at $90.60
- Net profit = +$60.60
- Total ROI (in all limits) = 22.67%
- We are currently playing the $3s

Bankroll Challenge

We can't believe you haven't finished the challenge yet.

I know, I know.  I had also hoped to have made more progress towards our $1k goal but honestly, I think we may have been a bit spoiled when the game was first released.  Lots of new players (read: "This is my first game" players) and lots of disconnects associated with new software meant the games were certainly a bit softer.  However, let's also not lose sight of the fact that a +$22% ROI is still a very respectable number.

Are the $3 regs giving you trouble mate (TROLOLOLOL)?

If you have been following the challenge (or better yet our Twitch stream) you will know we have been hovering around the $100 mark for a couple sessions which of course means we are stalling in the $3 stakes.  Call it variance, call it fishy play, call it dumb luck - who knows why?


If you haven't checked it out already - we are uploading the full bankroll sessions to our Twitch page HERE.  So you can be the judge for yourself - help a brother out and give us some feedback.

Bottom line?

I imagine, in the not so distant future, we will go on a decent run and clear this limit in no time.  We have a laugh on stream but really, in terms of "Downswing" chat, this ain't nuttin guys - so - no sweat!  I hope to do you guys proud in the coming weeks.


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