Going from $30 to $30,000 (and other goals for 2019!)

Going from $30 to $30,000 (and other goals for 2019!)

Hi everyone!

It’s coming up close to the end of 2018 and I figured it was about time to revive that blog of mine.

In the last post I had just started streaming on Twitch and was eagerly looking to complete the $30-$1k PokerStars Power Up challenge that Nick set for the community.

Not much went as expected, the challenge took a little longer than I anticipated but still nothing too crazy. We completed the challenge in around 2.2k games which is pretty much double the number of games I estimated.

Power Up Bankroll Challenge graph

I did not expect my opponents to adjust as quickly as they did once they saw me streaming. Unfortunately my hyper aggressive approach to the games was exposed and I had to devise a new more balanced game plan.

That clearly took a while as for my first thousand games on stream I pretty much broke even (not ideal).

I was however learning a lot on how to stream and to chat with an audience which I felt I got better at a lot faster than I expected. Jump 6 months to now and I’m feeling a lot more confident on the microphone and am not as scared to make mistakes on stream (which is lucky because there have been quite a few (facepalm).

So I finished the original challenge. What’s next?

Since the $30-$1k has been completed I have been experimenting with other game types outside of Power Up. I’ve been playing a bunch of Fusion Poker which has been going great and a bunch of Spin & Go’s which has unfortunately been going a little in the opposite direction (mostly due to not hitting good multipliers though.)

Given that 2019 is fast approaching I figured It’s a good time to start thinking about new goals for next year. I think there are a few areas I want to focus on this year.

Health: achieve goal weight of 65kg+ 15% or less body fat.

  • Current weight: 57kg

  • Bodyfat %: unknown

This past year I’ve managed to get my body weight up from an unhealthy underweight level to the low end of the healthy BMI scale. The next goal is to get the weight up even more and reduce the % body fat while I’m at it. The goal will probably start with a focus on weight gain followed by body fat changes.

Twitch: hit 10k followers.

This quite a big goal but with Nick & Eva also on the Twitch channel I have great hopes we can hit this target.

YouTube: reach 2k subscribers.

I plan on doing some more content on YouTube again revolving around the next bankroll challenge. I know that Nick & Eva also have some cool stuff planned.

Bankroll: hit $30k.

So this is the big one. I want to take this $30-$1k bankroll challenge to the next level for 2019 and try to get to $30k whilst streaming / recording the whole thing.

Watch this video for more info on how I plan to do this.

See you at the tables and on stream!

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