Breaking News – The Power Up world is Anti Antes

Breaking News – The Power Up world is Anti Antes

The updated ante structure lasted 1 whole day. I wish I could say it was fun while it lasted, but personally I managed to lose 15 buy-ins in that very short period of time. :(

Given the very vocal negative reaction the development team at PokerStars made a quick change back to the old non-ante structure and gave us our 2k starting stack back. :)

The blind levels however, have changed slightly, and from my point of view in a great way.

The new-new structure

 Starting stack = 2000

Hand per level: 5

Small blind Big blind
50 100
75 150
100 200
150 300
200 400
300 600
400 800
500 1000
750 1.5K
1K 2K

Starting stacks are now lower than previously, but from the 3rd blind level onwards they are the same. Personally I think this is great news, the old blind levels felt a little too slow to get into the action especially the first level. This extra bump should make pots worth fighting for from the start rather than being used as a platform to cycle cards.

This experimentation and quick response to negative feedback gives all of us at OP-Poker a great feeling about the direction of Power Up. Given the fact that the game is still in its Beta phase, we think it is the perfect time to try new things out and see how it goes and we're glad the PokerStars feels the same way.

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We will be testing these changes out on our Twitch stream so make sure to tune in!

Using Pokertracker 4 in Power Up

Using Pokertracker 4 in Power Up

Power Up poker's NEW ante structure!

Power Up poker's NEW ante structure!


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