Four new PokerStars Power Up card designs REVEALED

Four new PokerStars Power Up card designs REVEALED

There has been a lot of speculation and discussion on possible new power cards that PokerStars might be adding to Power Up in the future (P.S. join our Discord where you can directly participate in the innovation process!) And thanks to a little research, we managed to get our hands on FOUR, never-seen-before Power Up card designs and their names. These would be four completely different powers to the ones found in the game at its current format.

So what do they look like?

New PokerStars Power Up card designss.png

From left to right we have: Manadrain, Mint,  Morph and Deploy.

From both the the images and names we can clearly determine the concepts behind the cards with the exception of Deploy.


Manadrain would involve stealing power points from other players and giving them to yourself. Given how plain this card is, our guess is it would be some kind of passive or trap mechanic that we can find in Hearthstone and similar strategy card games. 


Going off the Mint picture and the definition of the word "minted" - (to produce (money) by stamping metal; coin) we can deduce that this power card would be used to create more chips for yourself. You could write a whole book on the strategical consequences of that!


Morph is an interesting one. Cards changing hole or board cards would be an interesting alternative to Disintegrate although it really depends on the kind of control you can have over it. Can you choose a specific suit? Can you morph something in your hand? So many questions!


Deploy is the hardest one to guess from the name. We're thinking it would have a more passive approach that may last more than 1 hand or maybe some kind of trap mechanism? We wish we had those answers...

What does this mean for the future of the game?

It is interesting to see what the developers have been up to and maybe what we can expect in Power Up's future. As mentioned above - if you have any interesting ideas regarding future power card development please join team OP-Poker on Discord - we have company of game developers and a section, dedicated only to Power Up innovations. We'll be happy to discuss your ideas!

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