One year of OP-Poker

One year of OP-Poker

It seems like it was only yesterday…

…that we launched OP-Poker! We cannot believe that a whole year has passed and that we have grown as much as we have.

At the beginning of this project we couldn’t have imagined how far we will come in just one year and that OP-Poker will eventually become our full-time job. We knew we wanted to make OP-Poker into something bigger than just a strategy site and now we can say that we have succeeded in not only building a great platform for PokerStars Power Up and other innovative poker formats but also that we built a great poker community, where poker innovation is celebrated and encouraged.

But we didn’t do it alone!

We were lucky that we had so many people believe in this project and support us on our way. A big thank you to goes to our families, significant others and IRL friends who helped and supported us when we worked crazy hours and had to skip out on many party invitations.

Another HUGE thank you goes to our online friends. You have helped us in so many ways and without you OP-Poker wouldn’t be what it is today.

Honorable mentions go to: Anuj22, MayaCactus, Remcotorken, Logie, preflopnuts, Pokerbrahs, Team_NeverGive_Up and TomBradyWearsUggBoots, who were there from the very beginning.

Everyone else who keeps tuning in to our Twitch stream and keeps this community amazing, accepting and incredibly supportive: we want you to know that we really appreciate every single one of you!

And lastly, a BIG BIG thank you to all of our friends at PokerStars that work so hard on Power Up and believe in and support our work. Strag, Marcos and Neil, you are the real MVP’s! We also have to thank everyone else working at PokerStars who keep supporting and encouraging us. You are awsome!

So, what is next for OP-Poker?

We will keep playing PokerStars Power Up and keep giving you the opportunities to use your facepalms in the chat :) We want to keep growing the Power Up community, especially on Twitch and we are excited to introduce more people to this great game and to collaborate with other streamers. Power Up is a fantastic game and we are looking forward to more moments like these:

We also have a project in the works with PokerStars School where we’ll be creating a Spin & Go course so don’t be surprised if you see more spin streams on our schedule (and hopefully they will all go down like the one below!):

We are sure there are more exciting things on the horizon for OP-Poker so stay tuned, keep an eye out on our social media and Discord and you’ll be the first to find out!

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New PokerStars game Fusion Poker is here!

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We Went to PokerStars VR Exhibit at EGX 2018!


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