Using Pokertracker 4 in Power Up

Using Pokertracker 4 in Power Up

(We would recommend only looking at using Pokertracker 4 if you plan on playing the game seriously with 2 or more tables at once. Otherwise we would suggest using our free simple ROI calculator to track your winnings.)

Any poker player knows that the help of software can make their life much easier. But these programs are mostly suited for traditional formats of poker and are not adjusted to Power Up, which is a much more complicated game. Luckily, there is a software out there, that can help you with that - Pokertracker 4. Let's look at some of it's most useful features:

PT 4 tracks your winnings

PT 4 is the only software that reliably tracks Power Up winnings automatically:

both in net $ won:

pokertracker 4 power up winnings graph

and also in chips won per hand:

pokertracker 4 power up winnings

Note taking feature

Currently the most useful feature on the tables that Pokertracker 4 can assist with is a note taking feature. Notes will be far more important than Hud stats in Power Up poker. Knowing which powers the opponents like to keep and which to cycle will be of a lot of use as well as timing tells and possibly some misplays too. It is very likely that once the PokerStars hand history files are formatted correctly that Pokertracker 4 will add in some more useful features. But for now you can easily make do without.

pokertracker 4 note taking feature power up poker

Where do I get it?

PT 4 can be purchased HERE. There is an option of free 30-day trial so make sure to try it out!*

*If you decide to purchase PT 4 using our link we will receive a part of commission which will go towards OP-Poker project maintenance. Thank you for your support!

Other helpful tools

Pre-flop charts 1.1

Simple ROI calculator

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