PokerStars Fusion Poker: Starting hands charts

PokerStars Fusion Poker: Starting hands charts

When we first started playing PokerStars Fusion…

…we noticed that the biggest leaks players seemed to be having were in pre-flop play.

Once we get to showdown in PokerStars Fusion we will be using the best 2 hole-cards from 4 hole-cards and the best three from the board, much the same as Pot limit Omaha. It is therefore important that we remember this in our pre-flop hand selection. Things like pocket pairs go down in value quite a lot. Not only is it unlikely that overpairs will be good by the river in many pots, but we have the additional disadvantage of the possibility of hitting 3 of the same card in our hand, pretty much destroying the chance to hit big.

So, how should you be playing?

On all positions outside of the small blind we want to raise anything from 2.5x the big blind to pot size, all depending on how loose the table is. This first week has had some crazy action so I would advise you you start by raising to pot size and going from there.

From the small blind we have added a limp range in yellow. There is also some hands that we either want to limp or raise depending on our opponent in the big blind. If he is raising your limps a lot then those hands colored half yellow half green will want to be limped to protect the rest of your limping hands, otherwise just raise them for value.

We hope these charts will serve you well. you can always let us know what you think about them in our Fusion dedicated Discord channel.

How do I get these charts?

You can download them by clicking on the button below.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Youtube channel for any upcoming videos on Fusion strategy! 

New PokerStars game Fusion Poker is here!

New PokerStars game Fusion Poker is here!


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