We Went to PokerStars VR Exhibit at EGX 2018!

We Went to PokerStars VR Exhibit at EGX 2018!

Hello poker people!

OP-Poker got the chance to attend EGX Birmingham this year and it was an incredible experience, not least because we got to check out the brand new POKERSTARS VR product which the PS team was showcasing at this year’s event!

What is EGX?


“It's only the UK's biggest video games event! Come along and you'll find the most anticipated console and PC games, all playable weeks or months before they're released. We also have presentations by game designers from world renowned studios, areas dedicated to esports, the opportunity to meet and chat with game creators and loads more.”

What is PokerStars VR?

POKERSTARS VR is a free to play virtual reality poker simulation where players get the chance to immerse themselves in stunning virtual environments while enjoying realistic game mechanics (as well as a couple extras you may spot in our video).

Is it any good though?

POKERSTARS VR really is something you need to experience to appreciate.

In a nutshell:

  • The controls are highly intuitive

  • The game environments are beautiful/interesting (in some cases interactive)

  • The “fun” elements (you can conjure interactive cigars/rubber ducks/flare guns/money stacks/etc) add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the VR experience

  • (most importantly) This is a piece of software that really understands the mechanics of poker necessary to make this game usable by serious players.

While at EGX our streamer Nick got the chance to speak with some of the players who gave PS VR a try - you can watch our video report below:

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One year of OP-Poker

One year of OP-Poker

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