Bankroll challenge FINISHED! $30 -> $1000

Bankroll challenge FINISHED! $30 -> $1000


We did it guys!  We finally completed our challenge and successfully turned $30 into $1000.

The challenge started on the 22nd of November and officially finished 26th of April. (But more on that later...)

Show me da money!

Our Bankroll currently stands at $1006.44 (at the time of completion - it's gone up since then!) which means:
- Net profit = +$976.44
- Total ROI (in all limits) = 14.14%


Break it down now!

So as promised, I am now going to share some information about the challenge and try to extrapolate some information for you regarding challenge length.  The reason I consider it important to do this is because the length of time between challenge start and finish does give a somewhat skewed time scale for those of you grinding Power Up in your own time.  The important thing to note here is:

1.) The vast majority of the challenge was streamed
2.) When streaming I was only playing a single table

Please see below my results by stake level:


So overall, it seems apparent I am beating the game by a significant ROI.  My only note at this stage is to basically disregard my stats from the $15s.

I've had many questions regarding "edge" at the what is currently the highest stakes and I can unequivocally confirm that they are absolutely beatable.  I simply ran terrible in the small sample of 140 games which, as you can imagine, also added to the length of this challenge. 

What does that mean in the real world?

With all that being said, I wanted to try and estimate how long the challenge would have taken had I been playing in my own time.  For the sake of this calculation I am going to try and solve for length of challenge if:

1.) I am playing 8 hours of Power Up a day (approx. full time average grind)
2.) I am playing 2 tables (I currently two table PU but hope to add more in future)

We know from PokerStars that the current average game length is around 13 minutes so I am going to do the following:

1664(games) x 13(minutes) =  21,632 Minutes total
21632(minutes)/60(hour) = 360.53 Hours total
360.53(total hours)/8(average grind day) = 45.06 Total days

Therefore, I estimate that this challenge would have taken around 1.5 months to complete had I been grinding in my own time. Not too shabby considering we were starting from a very small bankroll and PU is currently one of the most low variance formats available on Stars.

Bottom line?

OP-Poker has proven that Power Up poker is both fun and profitable. So you should try it out for yourself! A couple closing statements from my final bankroll challenge stream below:

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