UPDATE #4 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

UPDATE #4 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000


Hey hey heyyyyyyyyyy!

That's right it's time for another update as we round into on session 40!

Show me da money!

Our Bankroll currently stands at $734.76
- Net profit = +$703.76
- Total ROI (in all limits) = 13.70%
- We are currently playing the $15s


(Two notes: The x-axis has been segregated into intervals of 3 which is why we have a mix of both "Off stream" and "Session x" + I had to change graph formats because Squarespace graphs don't allow for that many data points!)

How you getting on fam?

So as you can see, we have come tantalisingly close to our final goal.  It's been a long journey but I honestly feel like my play is up to a very good standard now. 

I have also started to really find my rhythm when it comes to streaming which is a tricky thing to master - yet - crucial to the success of our project here at Op-poker.  I do however need to work on my soundboard game (sorry Eva).

I've clipped a couple good moments from the last 10(ish) sessions for you guys to enjoy.

"Think we gotta go with it..."

"The temptation took over...FTW"

Thoughts for improvement?

At this stage in the challenge I think we come to a very crucial and often overlooked opportunity to really sharpen our edge:

"Fancy play syndrome" - taking unnecessarily fancy lines at the expense of your overall win rate.

I think it's only natural for a player, as his/her confidence grows, to start looking for ways to squeeze every drop of value from every situation.  This can sometimes come at the expense of your overall performance.  I believe that I do occasionally (especially on stream) find myself falling into this trap.

So how do we overcome this?

The problem with "FPS" is, it's often difficult to discern for yourself whether you have just made a super high level play or you are taking unnecessary risks.  After all, part of the skill of poker is the ability to weigh up these kinds of variables.

So in my case I think I will have to rely on my fellow OP-Poker brethren to help spot the leaks for me.  I'm looking at you DISCORD - It's your job to let me know so don't be shy!

Bottom line?

In conclusion, I need to focus on cleaning up my game to avoid "FPS" (possibly another GLOSSARY term?) and of course I need to FINISH THIS CHALLENGE!

To that end, we have started a series of Twitch sessions we have named "The Powerthon" during which we will be playing live on Twitch every night at 6pm GMT from 25th - 29th of March (we kicked it off last night).

Hope to see you there :D

Watch my Twitch stream HERE and follow us on Twitter to be notified whenever I go live!

You can also join the conversation on Pokerstrategy.com.

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