UPDATE #3 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

UPDATE #3 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000


Whaddup my people!?  That's right it's time for another BR blog post.  As we round into stream session #28 we arrive at a notable milestone: +25% of the way to our target of $1000.

Show me da money!

Our Bankroll currently stands at $288.73%
- Net profit = +$258.73
- Total ROI (in all limits) = 13.22%
- We are currently playing the $7s

(As a result of our web charts only allowing 21 data points I have broken the graph into 2 session increments below (and session 27 was the last (You get the gist of it!)))

Bankroll Challenge

How you getting on fam?

At this stage in the challenge I'm feeling a bit more "settled" in the game of Power Up and, especially in the last weeks, I'm finding a little more confidence in my ability to take on regs which will be crucial as we climb higher in stakes.  Let's not forget that at $300 we take shots at the $15s (I've taken a few already and missed). 

I'm also feeling a little more confident in my ability to add tables to what has been primarily 1/2 table sessions.  I've never been a multi-table genius but we can all agree that the ability to multi-table an online poker product will be a factor in it's popularity amongst players who wish to maximise their hourly win rate.

In case you guys missed it we were also raided/hosted by PokerStars' official Twitch channel and at one point had over 1200 concurrent viewers!  You can see a clip of the magic moment in action in the clip below:

Thoughts for improvement?

At this stage in the challenge I can really start to appreciate the depth of this game.  The variety of situations with such wild varying factors presents a format with a plethora of interesting insights and pitfalls not often seen at a poker table.

I have also started to appreciate the capacity for humans to develop skills through sheer brute force volume.

I've never been a "naturally gifted" poker player.  I've always had to push myself to get into "the zone" or the "head space" where I can feel out the "edge" of any game.  I've also learned that the only way to improve ones game is through competition and, as a result, I find it difficult to participate in games that are not played for money.  That's not to say I have a desire to gamble, but rather, I know that most people tend to play more seriously when something is at stake.

What excites me the most, is I find myself deriving such a great wealth of information from the community which we as a team have worked hard to build. Our Discord channel in particular provides an excellent "hive mind" where friendly and often brutal analysis casts a spot light on your weaknesses and drives you to become a better player.

Bottom line?

We've had some fun over on Discord "ranking" community members based on their perceived Power Up skills.  I know for certain that as of this blog I am not the best player online.  But I also know that my participation in our community will make me better, faster.

Now that Stars are starting to roll out some advertisement for Power Up I hope to find a greater number of recreational players at the tables so we can really push into the last phases of this challenge!

Here's to becoming BETTER, FASTER! :D

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You can also join the conversation on Twoplustwo and Pokerstrategy.com.

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