UPDATE #2 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

UPDATE #2 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000


Here is a quick update on how the bankroll challenge is going as we round into session number 19! 

Show me da money!

Our Bankroll currently stands at $125.61
- Net profit = +$95.61
- Total ROI (in all limits) = 15.12%
- We are currently playing the $3s

Bankroll Challenge


Well...I'm happy you asked me that...BECAUSE...

...since our last update here on the website we have changed our policy to try and speed things along.  As you can see from our graph above we will now be counting off stream games towards our overall target.  These off stream games will be marked as "off stream" (see what we did there?) so hopefully we can reach our final target a bit faster and move onto the next project here at OP-Poker.

Regarding the actual numbers since our last update it's clear we have stalled once again.  As a player this is very frustrating so I am going to try and list some of the things I believe to be contributing factors to our slowed growth below in hopes to improve in coming games.

1.) Experimentation: 

As we talk about strategy a lot here at OP-Poker (not to mention with our users on other platforms (I'm looking at you DISCORD brethren!)), I find myself trying to implement many of the concepts I've most likely "half learned" in many of my recent matches.  Although this is a noble pursuit it's probably best if I fully consider these strategies prior to their use at the tables lest I find myself staring down the barrel of an "EMP JAM" and wonder how I found myself in such a terrible spot.  That's not to say I shouldn't try and weave other's prowess into my own game - I just need to fully understand the plays before I try and squeeze them in at the wrong times.

2.) "Lazy playing":

As much as it pains me to admit it (like a thousand daggers in my heart), I think I have fallen victim to the "Lazy playing" habit.  That is to say, many of my recent games have not been given the full attention they deserve.  I believe this could stem from many years of utilizing a HUD (head up display) which did to a degree allow for simplified decisions.  This could also stem from the easy access of Power Up which is now available on mobile, tablet and PC (read more about tablet release HERE).  In any case I must strive to give my coming games my fullest attention and do you guys proud!

3.) Variance:

Nothing to see here - just the standard bullshit that's out of your control.  Having said that, I would like to portray myself in a better light when it comes to "sickness" (especially on stream).  I have a tendency to overreact a bit when we are running bad but, having received some helpful feedback from fellow players, I would like to keep the stream tone a bit more positive and instructional in future.


I have taken on many bankroll challenges in my time most of which have involved some kind of written element (Read: EMBARRASSING OLD POKER BLOG).  I have come to realise that the act of putting ones thoughts into words (even if very few people were reading) is very helpful in forcing yourself to take ownership of both the task at hand and your own motivation(s)/strength(s)/weaknesses(s). 

This Blog is no different.  

So dear friends, with the spirit of poker in my heart, I voyage on into the wild unknown in hopes to bring ye back riches!


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