The First PokerStars Power Up Glossary

The First PokerStars Power Up Glossary

Yes, that's right!

All the popular games have their own specific language and terminology, that only players know and understand. And Power Up is no different!

Since the game launched in October 2017, a community of players has been brought together and has developed it's own terms to describe different situations, actions and objects in the game. To help you understand this language better, we have put together a list of all the terms, that you may hear a Power Up player use on our Discord or on our stream.

We will add more terms to this list for future reference as and when we find/create them.

Do you know of any other terms that are used in Power Up? Get in touch with us through our e-mail or join our Power Up community on Discord. 

The Glossary

All but 1 When you go effectively all-in and totally commit yourself, but leave a few chips behind, so that you have the opportunity to use powers, if necessary.

Burning points Spending lots of points for little potential return. "Letting your opponent burn the points by setting the perfect trap."

Combo Short for combination. Combining two or more powers for an added benefit.

Cycling A term used to describe the action of using powers for the sake of getting new ones, in the hope that they may interact better in the current situation.

Grabs Powers that take cards from the board / deck or discard pile and put them into your hand.

Lock the board When a player has gone all in all community cards already dealt during the hand are locked and therefore cannot be altered in any way.

Looting When you use a power to put a card in your hand and immediately discard it. 

Nerf To reconfigure something, (such as a power) and make it less effective.

OP Meaning overpowered, generally used to describe certain powers. "EMP is OP."

P&G Pick & Grab, currently the best power combination in the meta. “I'm cycling for a P & G.”

Picks Powers that allow you to choose what is placed on the board / deck or discard pile.

Poor man's set mine When facing a bet and holding a pocket pair, a player uses PreCog power to find three of a kind before folding or committing further chips.

PreCogs Powers that show future cards to come, typically from the top of the deck.

Reload 2 When using the reload power you have the option of redrawing 1 or 2 cards. Reload 2 is often used as a last ditch attempt at hitting something in a pot.

Reverse engineering refers to a situation in which your opponent selects a card which improves your hand at the expense of their own. For example, you opponent could use engineer to give themselves a straight which also gives you a flush.

SkyTrash A term used to describe a bad game or hand by a regular player. "Jlhmac just went all in with pocket 4's and managed to find a set. That was such a SkyTrash play."

Tenacious Doug Predicament Becoming committed to a pot after using powers + points. Whether they helped you or not. We wrote more about this predicament HERE.

EDIT (added July 24th 2018):

Range removal When, while a PreCog power is in play, a player uses a Grab/Pick/Looting/Discard mechanic to remove cards which are likely to improve their opponents range while not improving their own holding.

News & Blogs

Keep up to date with all the latest developments in our "News & Blog" section HERE.

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UPDATE #4 - Bankroll challenge! $30 -> $1000

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PokerStars Power Up: A Pioneers Account, pt. 4


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