Can you go from $30 to $1k?

Can you go from $30 to $1k?

Starting 1st of May 2018 (thats's today!)..

...we are kicking off the first Power Up trials!

Our OP-coach and streamer Nick recently completed a challenge to turn $30 into $1k playing only Power Up poker, mostly streamed on Twitch - you can read more about his challenge HERE! After request from the viewers and our Discord community we decided to invite anyone to try and replicate what he did. 

How does it work?

Participants will be required to announce a start date and upon completion would need to send over tournament summaries to prove results. Rakeback cannot be included.

You have one shot! If you lose $30 playing Power Up from the start date your shot is over. Only Power Up games count in the trials. 

Merchandise - something like a Power Up or OP-poker themed t-shirt
Badges and status for 2+2 forums and the group chat
Lots of side action (join our Discord to find out more!)

From May 1st onwards anyone can submit to join in on the challenge at any time. There is currently no time limit to completing the challenge but this may change in future months.
Participants must state a start date to begin the trials, this will be used as a reference point upon completion so that we can use tournament summaries for approval. You do so by joining THIS thread on 2+2.
Participants should post at least once per week stating at minimum, current bankroll + number of games played. Adding more info is encouraged, I’d like to do weekly roundup of highlights and maybe some fun stats if there is enough information to work with.

The easiest way to track progress at the moment would be PokerTracker 4, but we understand this software is expensive and not all of you will have it, so therefore we created a Bankroll tracker, the same one that Nick used to complete his challenge.


Other than the main challenge, we plan to award achievements. To start with we will offer an achievement based on consecutive games won. More badges may be added in the future so keep a lookout.

Badges will be awarded for winning 3, 5, 10 & 15 games in a row. To claim these badges you will need to submit either a Pokertracker 4 graph or send the tournament summaries over to our Discord chat to verify. 

Special rewards for streamers

Nick has mentioned that he is "thinking of giving something special to those who stream their challenge too! (It's not as easy as it looks!)" so if you have a chance you are more than encouraged to stream! :)

Good luck to all participants and don't forget to check out the challenge 2+2 thread!


Keep up to date with all the latest developments in our "News & Blog" section HERE

Heads up with Team_NeverGive_Up!

Heads up with Team_NeverGive_Up!

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PokerStars Power Up: A Pioneers Account, pt. 7


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