Snipe our Streamers Promotion

Snipe our Streamers Promotion

To celebrate OP-Poker teams new role as ambassadors of Power Up poker we are running a little promotion! Our streamer Nicholas "Lost_Gambit" Walsh explains in the video below how the promotion works and demonstrates how to participate.

To sum up...

During each stream this week (21st-25th of August), selected games will be announced as !snipe games.
When a snipe game is announced, viewers/community members, who successfully register to that same snipe game shown on stream, will be eligible for a $15 Power Up ticket.
All you need to do is take a screenshot with your username visible (“while sitting across from a member of Team OP at the start of the snipe game”) and share this screenshot to our dedicated Discord channel named “Stream Snipe Clips”. Once accepted, a $15 Power Up ticket will be sent to your account.

Follow our Twitch stream here so you'll be notified when we go live!

Terms and Conditions

  • 1 ticket may be won per username over the promotion period.

  • Username must be shown in the clip. (If you do not want to share your username then you will NOT be able to win the ticket.)

  • You have 30 minutes after the !snipe game to submit your entry onto our discord channel. Late entries will be void.

  • Only Power Up games are included in this promotions.

  • Prizes or rewards on offer and/or all other items which may be given away as part of this Promotion are non-transferable and may not be given, assigned, transferred, sold to or exchanged with any other person(s).

  • Once Confirmed as a winner, the ticket will take up to 72 hours to reach your PokerStars account.

We reserve the right to decline any participants at our discretion, regardless of circumstances.

News & Blogs

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