OP-Podcast #2: PokerStars Power Up's Deploy: First Impressions

OP-Podcast #2: PokerStars Power Up's Deploy: First Impressions

It has been a while since we released one of these podcasts…

Since then, we have become the official PokerStars Power Up ambassadors and community, but most importantly - a new power was released: Deploy!

In this podcast our coaches and streamers James - "jlhmac" and Nick - “Lost_Gambit" discuss everything Deploy related: from weird situations and combos to changes in meta, opportunities for sabotage and more!

Give it a listen and let us know what you think! Timestamps are below:

1.) Introduction 00:00

2.) Past changes and current meta 00:49

3.) Do you like Deploy 04:02

4.) Let's play: have you seen that? 06:08

5.) Let's play: how do these powers react with Deploy? 13:03

6.) Intel + Deploy is powerful but stops betting 35:04

7.) How does Deploy change betting meta? 37:21

8.) When have you used Deploy the most? 40:43

9.) What combos make you keep and what make you cycle? 43:35

10.) Sabotage 47:41

11.) When cycling Deploy, what happens if you hit your pair? Is there a way to balance that? 54:31

12.) Final thoughts 1:06:54

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Podcast with Team_NeverGive_Up

Podcast with Team_NeverGive_Up


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