Short Deck Poker - Odds calculator

How to use:

First insert the hands and board texture into the appropriate fields using the following format “AhKh” (Where the first (capital) letter represents the card and the second (lowercase) letter represents the suit). When you have the inserted the correctly formatted hands/board texture, hit the play button to run the simulation.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use the “6+ short deck” game type as this calculator is not applicable to the PokerStars rules. The calculator should load in the “Triton short deck” game automatically which is the appropriate game setting to simulate odds calculations on PokerStars.



Run: Click to run simulation when Hands/Board has been inserted


Add players: Click to add additional players/hands to the simulation


Share: Click to share the results of your last simulation (results are saved via URL to clipboard)


Reset: Click to reset the simulation and it’s parameters


Calculator: Click to return to the simulation editor


History: Click to view previous simulations


The 6+ Hold'em odds calculator is currently only available on desktop and tablet devices. To access the calculator please navigate to this URL from one of the supported devices and try again.

PLEASE NOTE: The calculator above you is being embedded from This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.